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Redefining   success  for optimal performance

For much of my life, if you asked me  what I wanted to be when I grew up,  I would have answered, without hesitation, "I am going to be a Major League Baseball player." 

Fast-forward about 15 years (spoiler alert coming): I am not playing Major League Baseball, or playing at all. While my career came to a close after college, and while I finished shy of my lifelong goal, I was able to walk away from the game truly fulfilled. I became the player I had always wanted to become.

I now get to work with students, teachers, and athletes of all levels to help them uncover that same sense of fulfillment in their lives by guiding them to develop a personal process to redefine success for their optimal performance.

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Ben Fagan is a former college baseball player who shares his experiences from the game with students, teachers, and athletes of all levels to help them redefine success for optimal performance.

Throughout his years as an athlete and now through his work in career development and as a college professor, Ben discovered that success is not what we are after. We want to be happy with the lives we have made for ourselves. We want to feel fulfilled as husbands and wives, sons and daughters. We want to feel accomplished in our careers, and we want to feel that what we are doing in this world is making a difference.

Through his talks and his book, Flipping The Switch: How to Redefine Success to Find True Fulfillment, Ben helps the groups he works with develop a customized game plan so they can achieve their ultimate success.


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 Sewing Your   Quilt:  Using Life to Get the Most Out of the Game

Having big, bold, ambitious goals is a great thing. Whether it's about winning championships, being energized all year long, or simply feeling good today, we can't rely on the end goal to carry us through. We need to develop consistently great habits that we work on every day that put our team and ourselves in the best position to win. This talk will give you the tools to eliminate unnecessary pressure from your life, keep you in the driver's seat, and help you perform at a consistently great level.

 Three Key Takeaways: 


  1. Learn how to make a subtle shift in your focus that eliminates stress, pressure and anxiety.

  2. Experience the power of choice and learn how to use the choices you make to empower your daily life.

  3. Discover how to lead a well-rounded life that keeps you energized and excited for what you want most.

 Compete at the   Highest Level:  How to Win by Not Focusing on Winning

As athletes, our pursuit of victory is relentless, but what if the key to more wins lies in not focusing on winning itself? In this thought-provoking talk, we will explore how, to accomplish what we set out to accomplish each season, to win games and ultimately win championships, winning can't be where we start. Instead, we have to buy into the fact that winning is a byproduct of doing our jobs well.

 Three Key Takeaways: 


  1. Learn how to shift your focus to daily improvements and internal goals to enhance your performance and increase your chances of winning.

  2. See why taking breaks and refueling, like high-speed fighter jets, can make you a more dominant and enduring athlete.

  3. Uncover a fresh perspective on the privilege of being an athlete to find motivation in challenges, setbacks and adversity, and see how these experiences can equip you to excel in both sports and life.

 Mastering   Memorable   Experiences:  Unleash the Power of Purposeful Storytelling

Whether you're an admissions professional or a student ambassador, this session is designed to equip you with the tools you need to connect with prospective students and their families on a deeper level. Through engaging activities and discussions, we'll explore the importance of setting controllable goals, storytelling, and building meaningful connections. Get ready to transform your tours from informative walks to unforgettable experiences.

 Three Key Takeaways: 

  1. Learn how to set clear and controllable goals for campus tours and develop strategies to turn uncontrollable goals into actionable ones.

  2. Discover the role of relatable stories during tours and the value of sharing personal experiences to connect with prospective students and families.

  3. See how to maintain enthusiasm and purpose, even on demanding tour days by connecting with the value of helping prospective students make life-changing decisions.


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Ben recently hosted a webinar for the members of Florida Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (FACRAO).  His presentation on Unleashing the Power of Storytelling on Campus Tours was engaging and impactful.  His positive personality enticed the audience to become immersed in the lesson and learn the subject matter intently, while also making it interactive and fun for those present.

Colin McKinney

VP of Professional Development, FACRO

University of North Florida

Director of Alumni Engagement

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